The School of Landscape Painting was founded by Christopher Baker, with 30 years experience as a professional artist, as a personal response to the subject of painting and the landscape.
It aims to combine the practical challenges of landscape painting with that of academic study.Within the school there is a culture of discussion and shared experience to encourage a deeper communication of the subject.

Teaching vision

Christopher says
 "I see painting as a way of making a connection to "something" much larger. It reveals the experience of being alive within the landscape, and its forces and spaces.  The work of the artist is to peel away the outer descriptive surface, so as to create a vivid feeling of the experience.  This can be achieved through the expressive medium of drawing and painting.  It is a mix of the artist personally identifying with the landscape or motif, and a fully functional pictorial construction that will realise a personal vision."

Watercolour © Christopher Baker

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