Full Time

A Personal Vision 2015/2016

This school was founded in 2010 as a personal response to the subject and idea of painting and the landscape. It aims to combine the practical challenges of painting processes with that of academic study, and so encourage the individual’s deeper communication of the subject. It is founded on the principles of understanding traditional painting, modernist concepts , and contemporary attitudes to landscape. Also in the belief in a profound intuitive connection with the earth and the magic of its meaning. Our aim is a raw landscape for our time with timeless values. The school functions throughout the winter and into the spring in Hampshire and Sussex while also offering through a week long field course an opportunity for primary research in the landscape of west Pembrokeshire. Here the focus is on the experience of drawing and painting in direct experiential communication with this inspiring landscape so that the experience of landscape is translated into the experience of painting.

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Students for the yearʹs course range from self-­taught painters, to those with art school and postgraduate academic backgrounds. They are supported through tutorials, lectures and course notes over a year which includes the field course in St David’s Pembrokeshire. There is also opportunity for distance learners and membership who are able download notes from the website and have contact with the tutor.

‘Meeting with a group of similar minded artists on a regular basis. Getting feedback, encouragement and suggestions. Technical information has been invaluable.’